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Seize Your Smile

Envision a future full of confidence and smiles. Can you see it?

Reaching that future doesn’t have to be hard. With Novus, the journey to a confident smile is quick, convenient, and affordable.

It’s also personal.

Your Smile Options

Traditional Braces

Brackets may be standard, but our technology isn’t! We use 3-D scanners and a process called indirect bonding to make braces as easy as possible for you. You’ll never have to suffer through goopy impressions, and indirect bonding cuts down on both the time you’ll spend at appointments and the number of appointments you need.


Don't want a mouth full of brackets while you wait on your great smile? Our OrthoFX system uses a series of clear aligners to get your teeth in shape. Using aligners also allows for fewer food restrictions. If you want a great smile with minimal disruption to your appearance, OrthoFX might be right for you.


Invisalign also uses aligners, and offers unique solutions for more challenging smile transformations. If you want to avoid traditional braces, but your orthodontist identifies treatment challenges in your first appointment, he or she may recommend Invisalign.

The Future of Orthodontics

Advanced Imaging Tools and Collaborative Care


Treatment Plans for Your Smile

And, of course, there’s always the possibility that a combination of traditional braces and aligners could be right for you. Our doctors will listen to your goals and create a treatment plan specifically for your smile.

Meet Your Doctors Schedule an Appointment

The Next Generation In Orthodontics