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Effective Braces & Retainers for South Carolina Patients

For South Carolina residents, My Affordable Braces offers a price-friendly series of orthodontic services to keep you smiling brightly. Our locations in Anderson, Greenville, Greenwood, Columbia, Myrtle Beach, Spartanburg, and Beaufort, SC provide braces, retainers, and other corrective options. Our orthodontic specialists have years of experience assisting patients young and old with crooked or misaligned teeth and even sleep apnea. All of our locations are ready to serve you, so find the one closest to you for a smile you can be proud of.

Thorough Orthodontics for All Ages

We offer a variety of orthodontic services to adults and children in South Carolina. My Affordable Braces is powered by Novus Orthodontics, a professional group of orthodontics providers, and carries thorough expertise in fitting you with the right device for your issue, including:


Using wires, bands, and brackets that are adhered directly to the teeth, braces slowly move your teeth back into alignment and resolve issues such as gap, crossbite, underbite, and overbite. We offer them in the traditional metal, gold, white, and clear brackets.

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Invisalign® or OrthoFX

Using nearly invisible, removable aligners, Invisalign® and OrthoFX offer gradual realignment for your teeth without the unsightly look of traditional braces. They can be also be taken out when you’re eating, brushing, or making a dental visit.

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Retainers and liners help to keep your teeth and jaw in the correct positions. They’re custom-molded and fit perfectly in your mouth, preventing teeth from shifting again. Retainers are also removable so you can chew, brush, and visit the dentist or orthodontist without a problem.

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Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a serious issue. It is the repeated stopping or starting of your breathing while you’re asleep. Signs of it include snoring and waking up in the morning excessively tired. We offer treatments and machines for sleep apnea, so you can sleep safely and wake up refreshed.

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Enhance Your Smile at My Affordable Braces

All seven locations of My Affordable Braces are ready to serve you with premier orthodontics at a friendly cost. When you visit us, we’ll evaluate your issues and the services necessary to resolve them and give you a free estimate. If you or your child needs any of the services listed, please give us a call or schedule an appointment!



Forms are provided for you to fill out at your convenience, which can save you time in our office.

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