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For high-quality orthodontic services in South Carolina, you can’t beat the expertise and the competitive costs of My Affordable Braces. We’re powered by Novus Orthodontics, which allows us to offer outstanding knowledge and skills to the local communities around all of our locations. If you need orthodontics in Columbia, SC or any of our other seven locations, we’re ready to serve patients of all ages with braces, aligners, or retainers, and even offer treatment for sleep apnea. Crooked teeth can be resolved by our highly-skilled specialists, who put years of experience into the care and custom devices. We will assess your issues and find the best solution for your brightest smile.

My Affordable Braces is ready to assist you with your oral care and aesthetics at any of our locations in South Carolina:​


Orthodontic Services at All Locations

Each of our eleven locations around South Carolina and Georgia offer comprehensive orthodontic services for patients of any age. If your teenager feels self-conscious about gaps, crowding, or an overbite in their teeth, we offer a range of solutions tailored to their needs. Whether they prefer the reliability of traditional braces or the discreetness of nearly invisible aligners like Invisalign® or Novus Smiles, we have options to suit their preferences and provide them with the confident smile they deserve. When sleep apnea becomes a concern and threatens you with other, more serious conditions, we will provide treatment and devices to correct the issue so you can sleep safely and wake up refreshed. Additionally, at each of our eleven locations across South Carolina and Georgia, we pride ourselves on integrating cutting-edge technology into our orthodontic services. Utilizing state-of-the-art digital 3D impression technology, we ensure precise and comfortable fittings for our patients. This advanced approach not only enhances the accuracy of our treatments but also optimizes the overall patient experience, allowing us to address concerns such as sleep apnea with unparalleled effectiveness. Rest assured, with our innovative methods and dedicated team, you can sleep safely and wake up refreshed, free from the worries of sleep apnea and its associated complications. 

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If you need orthodontic care in South Carolina, you can find one of our eleven locations that’s closest to you for stellar service and oral devices at competitive rates. Getting premium care shouldn’t have to drain your bank account. My Affordable Braces makes your orthodontic and sleep apnea needs a more price-friendly venture. Schedule an appointment with us so we can assess your issues, and we’ll give you a free estimate on the most appropriate treatment. If you have any questions, or you’d like to get started on your path to a set of teeth, give us a call today! 

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