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South Carolina Offices Provide Invisalign® & OrthoFX

Your misaligned teeth can be fixed effectively without a mouth full of metal by visiting My Affordable Braces for Invisalign® and OrthoFX. Our Greenville, SC office and all other locations offer these and other orthodontic services for South Carolina adults and children to get their best smile. Both of these options use clear plastic aligners to move your teeth back into position over time gently. The specialists at each location are highly proficient in fitting you with either option to ensure the best results. My Affordable Braces is powered by Novus Orthodontics, and we offer premium and affordable services at a local level for patients of all ages in South Carolina.


man smiling while holding clear retainer

What are Invisalign® & OrthoFX?

Both of these orthodontics methods gradually reposition your teeth like braces, but they use clear, removable aligners. These aligners are plastic trays that are custom-molded to fit your teeth precisely for the process. Since they’re nearly invisible, you can smile unabashedly while you’re wearing them, and you can remove them when you eat, brush, floss, and visit the dentist or orthodontist. Each of these aligners moves your teeth a very small portion at a time. The number of aligners needed for the entire realignment process varies dependent on the type and extremity of the issue and what’s needed to correct it. When you come to My Affordable Braces, we’ll assess the steps necessary for a resolution.


An Invisible Solution for Your Teeth

You don’t have to sacrifice a winning smile for the chance to straighten your teeth in Greenville, SC. With Invisalign® and OrthoFX available at all of our South Carolina locations, you and your kids can get a nearly invisible orthodontic solution. Schedule an appointment to let us evaluate your dental issues and create an effective plan at a competitive price. If you have any questions or would like to discuss how our services can help you, call us today!

The Next Generation In Orthodontics