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Orthodontist & Traditional Braces in Beaufort, SC

Discover unparalleled orthodontic service right in your neighborhood with Novus Orthodontics, your leading orthodontist in Beaufort, SC. With our steadfast dedication to enhancing smiles and improving dental health, we provide top-notch, personalized orthodontic care to every patient that steps through our doors.

Orthodontic care isn’t just a part of our services, it’s at the center of all we do. At Novus Orthodontics, we offer a broad range of orthodontic solutions — from traditional braces to modern clear aligners, meeting the unique needs of each patient while giving them the confidence to smile more.

Furthermore, we understand that the notion of orthodontic care can often weigh heavily on one’s budget – but it doesn’t have to. Our services are competitively priced, appealing to all, irrespective of financial standing. In our pursuit of affordability, we continuously offer savings – up to $2500 on braces, ensuring a smile isn’t a luxury but an affordable necessity.

Top Rated Orthodontics Near You in Beaufort

Among the top-ranking orthodontic centers in South Carolina, Novus Orthodontics prides itself on impactful, quality service delivery that transcends just orthodontics alone. Our dedicated team acknowledges the importance of patient comfort and confidence in orthodontic care choices. That’s why new patients are treated to a free orthodontic consultation. This hands-on approach affords every new patient a comprehensive review of their dental health and a tailored treatment plan, free of charge, enhancing the understanding of the proposed care method, and answering any questions upfront.

To assist even further with your analysis, we offer absolutely free X-Rays for new patients. This allows for meticulous examination and precision in assessing the state of dental health and the formulation of the right treatment plan. Ultimately, making informed decisions about your orthodontic care becomes effortless with Novus Orthodontics.

Here we keep tabs on industry trends and share valuable insights, success stories, and updates on our wide-ranging services. This establishes an open line of communication that lets us interact, engage, and ultimately serve you, our valued patients, better.  We’re proud of our growing number of positive reviews on Yelp, Google, and other platforms. Scanning through these, you’ll find numerous quotes from satisfied patients whose smiles and dental health have been transformed substantially by our orthodontic treatments.

Beaufort’s Best Rated Orthodontists

Here at Novus Orthodontics, our mission inspires us to do more than just fixing smiles. We’re bent on building long-lasting relationships based on trust, respect, and mutual understanding with our valued patients. So, whether you’ve found us through a Reddit thread, LinkedIn connections, or your trusted neighborhood insider, rest assured, your smile is in good hands.

Remember, maintaining a radiant, healthy smile has never been more achievable, so give us a call today for your free orthodontic consultation and let’s start transforming your smile together.